Hydraulic Hose

Thermoplastic Hose for a Hydraulic System is cleaner than rubber hose resulting in less system maintenance, wear and tear. The thermoplastic hydraulic hose cover bonded construction is good for kink resistance, oil resistance, and tight bends.  Long lengths are available up to 1000 feet resulting in less drops or waste come inventory time.

Thermoplastic Hose: SAE100R7
Thermoplastic Hose: SAE100R8
Thermoplastic Hose: SAE100R18
Thermoplastic Hose: Twinline
Thermoplastic Hose: Nonconductive

Ultra High Pressure Hose:


 10000 psi hose fittings

HOSE AVAILABLE IN:  Black, Orange (Non-Conductive),  Twinline AND Triline

10000 psi hose fitting type female jic

RECOMMENDED FOR:  hydraulic systems, umbilical systems, and  lubrication lines.

10000psi Hose Fitting Type M

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lubrication System applications inclu

Thermoplastic Hose for Hydraulic SystemsHydraulic Systems

Thermoplastic hose for lubrication systemsLubrication Systems

Pneumatic System air and gas hosePneurmatic Systems

Forklift hose including 5/16in i.d.Forklift Hose
Snowplow and mobile refrigeration hoseSnowplow and Mobile 
Miniature Thermoplastic Hose Assemblies
Thermoplastic and hydraulic hose crimper
D105K  Crimper 

High pressure