Dyna Flex Inc. Sewer Cleaning hose is exceptional because of it's durability and tight braid construction. Its' bonded construction features a tight bend radius that helps resist kinking for better cornering, bending and twisting.
Thermoplastic Hose for a Hydraulic System is cleaner than rubber hose resulting in less system maintenance, wear and tear. The thermoplastic hydraulic hose cover bonded construction is good for kink resistance, oil resistance, and tight bends.  Long lengths are available up to 1000 feet resulting in less drops or waste come inventory time. Please note Nonconductive-SAE100R7, Nonconductive-SAE100R8, and Twin line hose is available.
Dyna Flex Inc. Thermoplastic Hose is effective for Grease Whip and Lubrication Systems since it is lighter than rubber covered SAE100R2; miniature Couplings are available in Female JIC, MPT, and BSP threads. The hose has a tough abrasion resistant urethane cover resulting in excellent wear, cut, weather, and ozone resistance.
Pneumatic Systems and Gas Systems benefit from DynaFlex Inc. Thermoplastic Hose because of low elongation, light-weight and increased flexibility over most push-on air hose. A perforated cover allows the hose to breathe and resists condensation and blistering. Also, a tough abrasion resistant urethane cover provides excellent wear, cut, weather, and ozone resistance, and a low effusion rate (rate of media escaping hose).

DynaFlex Inc. Thermoplastic Hose is suitable for forklift applications because it is lighter and more flexible than SAE100R2, is oil resistant and has a tough abrasion resistant urethane cover resulting in excellent wear, cut, weather, and ozone resistance. Use SAE100R18 for over the Sheave in a pulley type system.

DynaFlex Inc. Thermoplastic Hose is suitable for
snowplow and cold weather environments since it can handle temperatures as low as -65F. DynaFlex Inc. thermoplastic hose is lighter than most rubber covered SAE100R2 and has a tough abrasion resistant urethane cover resulting in excellent wear, and ozone resistance, making for a long useful life and reducing replacement costs.

Dynaflex Inc. thermoplastic hydraulic miniature hose assemblies are flexible and can be made as small as 1/8" I.D. with both carbon and stainless steel fittings.

DynaFlex Inc. Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose Fittings - We have a line of metric and nonmetric hydraulic hose fittings. Our thermoplastic hose fittings are made to handle harsh conditions. They have been tested on several snowplows in the coldest parts of the United States. In the field our hydraulic hose fittings have been exposed to corrosive conditions such as rock salt and gravel. We have clear detailed drawings one click away for both our metric barbed fittings and nonmetric steel hose fittings.

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ubrication System applications inclu
Thermoplastic Hose for Sewer Cleaning Applications
Sewer Cleaning

Thermoplastic Hose for Hydraulic Systems
Hydraulic Systems

Thermoplastic hose for lubrication systems
Lubrication Systems

Pneumatic System air and gas hose
Pneurmatic Systems

Forklift hose including 5/16in i.d.
Forklift Hose

Snowplow and mobile refrigeration hose
Snowplow and Mobile Refrigeration Hose
Miniature Hose Assemblies
Miniature Thermoplastic Hose Assemblies
Thermoplastic and hydraulic hose crimper
D105K  Crimper
Metric and Nonmetric Fittings
Metric and Nonmetric Fittings

Sewer Cleaning and Jetting applications:

Capabilities up to 3000psi operating pressure up to 1-1/4inch diameter
Hydraulic System:

Flexible and light hose on reels furnished to SAE100R7 & SAE100R8, specification and as twinline, triline, and nonconductive.

Lubrication System:

Grease Whip hose can be used with metric, nonmetric, and stainless steel fittings.

Pneumatic System:

Lightweight and can be used with crimp on brass fittings.

Perforated Gas lines

Air Lines

Forklift applications include:

Bulk hose on 250-500 foot reels. Face seal fittings available.

Paint Spray applications:

Patented construction allows for cost savings over standard paint spray hose. 

Hydraulic couplings and fittings search options.

All fittings have printable downloadable .pdf files.